Gain a friend and an assistant in one with the Tapia AI Robot Companion. Tapia will warm your heart with jokes and laughter after a long day at the office. She will also help keep you that much closer to loved ones who are miles away by taking photos of your happy times together. Additionally, Tapia gives you helpful updates on weather conditions when you are headed out, and can play music when asked to set the mood or help you relax. As a roommate, friend, and daily partner, this robot will stay faithfully by your side and evolve right along with you on life’s journey.



Complete with an adorable set of eyes, this delightful robot is capable of recognizing human voices and actions to cater better to your needs. Tapia can remember birthdays and names as it learns with each conversation. Shaped like an egg, Tapia can even inform you of the weather, help you make calls, or order a variety of products online. Tapia also has built-in security measures. You’re able to input a period and, if the designated user is absent for too long, Tapia will alert other family members or friends who make it perfect for the elderly or just those who live on their own. Operating on Android 5.1, Tapia can also take photos, play music, and much more.



The gadget has an emotion expression system and favorability rating system installed for daily conversation. Responses from her change depending on the pace and the content of your conversation. Conversations with Tapia will naturally change and evolve depending on how you speak to her. If you talk with her a lot every day, you will begin to hear new humorous and surprising words. You can operate Tapia easily by voice and command her to make a phone call, a video call, take a photo, and read a newspaper out loud. She informs you of the time for medication and the weather at the start of the day. In addition, she will become a central aspect of your life as an IoT device for a smart house.


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