Samsung Family Hub – Discover the Smart Kitchen

Samsung needs your refrigerator to be smart, connected and exciting as energizing as your smartphone. This could be the reason it is bringing the Family Hub 3.0 smart refrigerator to India, with its Bixby voice-right hand, AKG speakers, a 21.5-inch touch display, and other smart home combinations.

The South Korean major has been toying with the possibility of a smart fridge for some time now. Obviously, the Family Hub 3.0 is a noteworthy change over the model which was discharged in 2016. This time, however, the organization has included a huge number of brilliant highlights. For instance, you can access various functions of the fridge using Samsung’s own personal voice assistant – Bixby which distinguish between different voices and offer personalized results based on the user, similar to Alexa and Google Assistant.


The Family Hub 3.0 will act as a centralized hub for your smart home. Samsung says the fridge works with any SmartThings product and lets you control the appliance using voice commands. From the fridge’s large screen, you can compile a shopping list, reading out schedules, or even play music. You can also check the latest news, share calendar entries, share memos, watch videos, and be able to send owners a push notification when certain things happen, such as the door being left open,  rising or dropping beyond a certain threshold.


The Family Hub’s grocery-tracking fridge cameras are getting an insight support, called The Meal Planner. Enable it, and your refrigerator will recommend recipes based on your family’s food preferences, allergies, and, this Samsung fridge will also have a built-in LCD screen and speakers that can offer people voice alerts about important events that SmartThings has detected beyond the kitchen (ex: “There is moisture detected in your basement,” “There is unexpected motion in your garage.”).

Everything sounds like a coherent next stage, however, it is interesting that Samsung can get us to a point where the refrigerator’s artificial intelligence can automatically distinguish what you’re putting in the fridge without requiring you to enter any additional subtle elements.

Samsung is also promising more of a focus on entertainment in 2018. You could already mirror your Samsung smart TV on the fridge’s touchscreen — soon, you’ll be able to mirror whatever’s playing on your smartphone, too (no word yet on whether or not that’s exclusive to Samsung smartphones). Samsung also tells us that a fresh crop of content partners is on the way, including HomeAdvisor, Pinterest, and those “Tasty” cooking videos from Buzzfeed that leave your mouth watering whenever they show up in your Facebook feed. Sounds like a good fit for the fridge, too. Get this amazing gadget to your home to Discover the Smart Kitchen!!!




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