To increase your presence over Social Network you have to be either a celebrity or a spell-bounding travel photographer. To cover up that inadequacy, some would sell you followers and others offer to barter it.  Since there are no fixed strategies for social media marketing, you can post what you like and nobody cares your posts or art unless there is something exceptional for your followers.

Today, Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms to feature your photographs, products or art. It had over 500 million+ monthly active users as per Info Center (Instagram’s news center). In that sea of contents, there is a chance for you to be submerged in the traffic storm.

For making your presence a standout, there are several apps either paid or free. Then I come across a new concept of  “Instagram Grids.” It’s a tool/app which can make 3×3 or 2×2 grids of your picture so they look big and cool on your profile page. This concept, in turn, made my anxiety and gluttony grow over my thoughts.

Finally, I do commit that. I made my grid using “9square” and tried the new concept. Truly, the way it looked on my Instagram page was exceptional until I found how the grid is ruining my page and my work. So before trying out the new product, here are some pieces of information in the light of my personal experience.


Social media, especially Instagram is a platform which usually showcases photos and art. If you are well versed with Photoshop, you can probably create this grid in Photoshop and upload each image with its high-quality resolution to your Instagram account otherwise you will end up using one of the third-party apps. These apps work by uploading your picture and re-save it to create small part images and then download them back to your gadget for you to upload them one by one.

With all these processes of uploading, converting, re-saving and downloading, you ultimately lose the quality of the image and that is unimaginable for an art-lover



Instagram uses Grid style to showcase your pictures. When a new picture is uploaded, the picture in the last of a 3×3 grid is pushed downwards to the grid just below it. When the moment you upload a new picture, the grid view of the last set of pictures will get misaligned and messed up. Finally, you end up uploading a set of 3  images in one go, to maintain previous grids.



Instagram Grids do make your pictures exceptional on your profile page, but they are placed on your followers feed as multiple parts of one image.  Since the image is the part of a full image, it might be uninteresting and it looks incomplete. Nobody really put and effort to go to your profile and enjoy your work unless you are a standout. Gradually, You start losing followers since now they are not interested in your work.


We are already aware of the new video app feature, IGTV, launched last week as Instagram’s global community reaches one billion. There was the time Instagram controversially switched its logo and took a fresh look.

Instagram has “tested” the 4 grid layout on some accounts. In that sense, It’s a bad idea to convert your profile to grids. However, we are not sure if it’s really going to be a new update.


In such contests it is bad, engagement typically drops anywhere from 10% – 30% when you upload two photos at the same time. Once you hit the third you will experience the largest drop in engagement from 50% – 80%. This is just taking regular photos into account so I would imagine the stats are amplified for photos that you can’t even make sense of unless you look at the bigger picture.

People will respect your artistic vision if you’re much better off uploading one photo with 100 engagements instead of 10 photos with 10 engagements each. Although if you upload a very engaging and unique grid that strikes the right emotional chords you may experience a great boost to your overall page engagement as word spreads.





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